Healthy food, healthy mind, healthy body

Delicious Mess features healthy and good-for-your-soul food. Capturing the moments & the meals in this beautiful mess we call life.

Well-being starts from the inside. The food we eat and our relationship with life can be a powerful force.

Quality input creates quality output.

Life is messy, let's embrace the disorder and make something beautiful.

Photography by Amber Ellis

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Prince EDward COunty

A little over a month and a half ago, D & I went on a lovely winter weekend getaway to Prince Edward County...

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Have you ever felt completely naked? Standing there, fully visible. And instead of shying away or covering the truth, choosing ....

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Avocado Mint Smoothie

On connecting inward & nourishing your body with this creamy avocado mint matcha smoothie.

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Baked herbed falafels with a light salad of freshly sliced cucumbers and sauteed rainbow chard from the farmer’s market.

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